“Knowledge grows into wisdom When I begin to understand what I know.” — J M Sampath


Enhancing Organizational Consciousness to Retain and Develop Knowledge Workers

Attrition is the biggest issue that most companies face today. While it may mean faster employee-development, it also implies extra energy and resources spent towards retraining and re-deployment by organizations. This reality seems more frightening for organizations that employ knowledge workers, who rely on expertise and insights gained from their jobs.

Are you in some HR Coma?

As a leader and an organizational culture steward, it’s vital to grasp that being ‘conscious’ is much more than being just ‘awake’. Here’s what comatose businesses look like and hope you don’t belong to this ward.

HR challenges in consciousness era

It is no small matter that we are standing on the threshold of the knowledge era, and we can already see the consciousness era emerging in the horizon. Then, what perspective does the future hold in terms of people development for HR professionals?

Life is not a challenge!


"Life is not a challenge…it is each of us who have built such obstacles within us that life finds it challenging to deal with each of us."


The marble tile, on which the marble lady statue stood, complained, "Its just not fair! We both originated from the same cave and yet people walk over me to stand and admire you. I am a stepping-stone and you are a masterpiece."

The marble lady, explained, "Remember the day the sculptor tried to work on you with his chisel and the fuss you created? But I cooperated and allowed him to chisel and shape me! It was painful no doubt, but isn't the end result worth it?"

Eat Your Own Fruit

Some disciples once complained to their guru, "You tell us stories, but you never reveal their meaning to us."

The guru replied, "How would you like it if someone offered you a fruit and chewed it before giving it to you?"

How do we learn to draw our own interpretations of life than to live by others' interpretations? What holds us from thinking beyond what has been thought?

Introduction to the Discovery Club

Based on the concept of the book ‘Discovery’, the Discovery Club is an interactive forum which aims to initiate a process of self-enquiry. The thoughtfully selected stories, followed by insightful activities and discussions, help participants resolve issues and evolve into finer human beings. These clubs are popular among children and elders, alike.

What is Discovery Club?

An Interactive story telling forum that aims to bring you closer to yourself! A plat form to relive your life experiences and evolve into a lifelong learner!

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