“When one loosens the framework of one’s mind, new ideas will start germinating.” — J M Sampath

Introduction to the Discovery Club

Based on the concept of the book ‘Discovery’, the Discovery Club is an interactive forum which aims to initiate a process of self-enquiry. The thoughtfully selected stories, followed by insightful activities and discussions, help participants resolve issues and evolve into finer human beings. These clubs are popular among children and elders, alike.

What is Discovery Club?

An Interactive story telling forum that aims to bring you closer to yourself! A plat form to relive your life experiences and evolve into a lifelong learner!

What guides us?

The simple core understanding that life is nothing but a series of stories in the form of experiences...and what we are is nothing but the outcome of what we have chosen to learn from these little stories happening in our life!

“We are what we choose to be!”

The process

The “Discovery” Process uses thoughtfully selected parables and stories to kindle a self-enquiry process within each individual. The parables act as an external trigger to start the thinking process, leading to valuable insights. By introspecting and learning from them, one is able to understand their own self better!

The same is achieved through interactive activities and meaningful discussions!

The take-aways

Ability to...

  • Identify stories (experiences) from ones own life.
  • Draw out learnings from every story happening in ones life.
  • Appreciate multiple perspectives in life.
  • Make informed facilitative choices in life.
  • Develop a process of self-enquiry.
  • Remain a life long learner and make the most of ones rich life experiences.

How it all originated?

The concept is the brainchild of Dr. J M Sampath, author of the book ‘Discovery’, recognized and used as a transformative learning cum reflective tool, in both educational and corporate circles, for individual as well as team development.

Sampath brings in 20 years of rich experience in value based leadership with a depth & clarity that fuel his passion to leave behind something significant for the world! He is the founder of Efil Education, an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective life - education that helps enable evolutionary excellence in all spaces of human existence.


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