“I am concerned about your growth But not concerned enough to let you grow.” — J M Sampath

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"To Make The World A Better Place To Live, Work & Excel".

Arpitha's main objective is to facilitate individual and organizational development through the use of highly refined human processes such as Value Clarification and Learning to learn for Nurturing Excellence. The team's own journey to understand itself individually and collectively becomes its source of innovation. This helps Arpitha build and morph quality and proven people development processes into creative business strategies, driving the most successful organizations of today.



Arpitha Key offerings:

Primary services: 

Cultural Excellence + Performance Excellence =  Organization Excellence

1. Vision, Value and Learning culture building.

2. Business acumen & better decision making –leadership pipe-line building

3. Business process management- Setting up processes and systems to help achieve the set vision and         mission faster and seamlessly. Driven through technology, automation, best practices and innovation.

In this context, we help identify and implement appropriate systems, technologies and platforms for the organizations / govt. / institutions / NGO- (e.g. CRM, BI, Analytics, PMO, Quality systems, Document Mgt, Knowledge mgt systems & industry specific utilities)

4. Life Education for children, teacher & school development programs- both govt. and private



Core Team

J. M. Sampath

Dr. J M Sampath, Ph.D
Managing Director,

Over two decades of experience in management consulting and leadership coaching, with Vision, Values, and Learning as the cornerstones

  • Nurtured and transformed over 25,000 individuals from organizations in different countries, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, the United States, UAE, and Sri Lanka.
  • Proven expertise and experience in influencing high-profile business leaders and decision-makers
  • Consulted with leading business houses, governmental agencies, public-service sectors, and not-for-profits across the world
  • Extensive experience in coaching business and social entrepreneurs, and nurturing for-profits and social start-ups
  • Architect of developmental frameworks and assessment instruments for organizational and individual excellence and innovation: The DNA of Decision Making, The Excellence Framework, The Vision Values Instrument, and The Values Profile Instrument
  • Originator of www.Storycard.in, a patent-pending endeavor that aims to promote human and moral values
  • Author of three books, namely Discovery, Inner Realities, and How Full is your cup?
  • Managing Director of Arpitha Associates Pvt. Ltd., a Centre for Excellence with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and India. 
  • Presented at several international conferences and seminars (such as AHRD, KAHRD, NHRD, IFTDO, TLC, AOM, NIPM, APERA) to audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds
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Kalpana Sampath

Dr. Kalpana Sampath, Ph.D

  • Heads the Education and Organizational Research wing
  • 23+ years of experience in organization development, HR, behaviourial science, education and coaching.
  • Over 7000 hours of experience in adopting the concepts of Vision-Value clarity and alignment to help individuals and organizations achieve excellence and greater success.
  • A proponent of Bharatanatyam (an Indian dance form) for over two decades
  • Adept at leveraging art forms to help individuals enhance their interpersonal relationships and their competitiveness at work place
  • Proficient in adopting kinesthetic-learning principles to help individuals identify their deep-rooted values and undergo positive transformations
  • Specialist in change-management techniques and principles that help organizations and their workforce optimize efforts in pursuing changes to achieve individual and business goals. Consulted with a number of business houses, governmental organizations, and not-for-profits in India and other countries. A seasoned theater artist with extensive experience in directing plays for the national television network
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Prathaap B


  • Prathaap, a hardcore quality professional with a master black belt in ‘Lean six sigma’ has been a focused and clear headed person pursuing his life vision from the age of 10. His sense for perfection comes right from the beginning of his career as an Air force Pilot flying fighter aircrafts.
  • His inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge has led him to  complete over nine certifications and made him a specialist in being an Entrepreneur, Strategist, Methodology and Framework architect, Consultant, Compliance management, Design, develop and deliver - Transaction Monitoring professional ,Process Control, Auditor , Improvement & Re-engineering Certifications, Coach & Trainer.
  • Currently he is a member of Arpitha, a group committed to spreading the concept of Evolutionary Excellence. As Director, he heads the business system and process wing. He brings the holistic approach for organizations to enable efficient interconnectivity among multiple functions within an organization using business simulation tool, project management and quality processes. 
  • He is a warm, affable person with high level of patience and endurance to reach out to all ages and levels of professionals. His energy and ever-flowing enthusiasm to explore and experience life comes from his keen interest in outbound adventure which has left behind within him a spirit of freedom and openness.
  • His varied interests span from research to technology seamlessly weaving each of his competencies and capabilities to fulfill his vision “To create globally impacting transformation tools and technologies” and Arpitha’s vision "To make the world a better place to live, work and excel." 
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Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala

Partner and Director- Malaysia & Singapore

  • Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala is currently the principal consultant at Arpitha Associates in Singapore and Arpitha Associates Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  • He has been involved in this field in the region since 1995 during which time he has conducted training programs and provided consultancy for organisation in the areas of “Transformation, Emotional Intelligence, Values and Change”. Yazdi, decided in 1997 to follow his passion to promote values at work and brings over 20 years of work experience and research.
  • He has been personally trained and understudied the pioneering work on Values Clarification by Dr J M Sampath, whom he has assisted and co-facilitated with since 1997.
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Jeffrey Yeoh Guat Beng

  • Jeffrey Yeoh Guat Beng is a Malaysian Businessman with interest in property development, construction, public transportation and health care products.
  • Trained as an Interior Designer, but always looking at things that could add value, he came in contact with like minded people like Sampath and Yazdi. Henceforth he has taken the bold initiative as co-founder of Arpitha Associates (M) Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia and Singapore.

Prabhat Ramesh

Director, StoryCard

  • 15 years of experience in the IT industry
  • Entrepreneurship: Set up and managed a documentation-services company; driving operations and strategy at an e-commerce venture now.
  • Offshore Operations: Set up and managed Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) and user-documentation teams for US-based ISVs and Enterprises from diverse domains
  • Functional Expertise: Extensive experience in Technical and Marketing Communication, Creative Writing, and Technical Editing; considerable experience in gathering business requirements and creating FSDs/BRDs
  • Marketing/Pre-Sales: Marketed documentation services to ISVs in the US, and SMEs and large enterprises in India; worked on a wide range of Marcom deliverables, Requests for Proposal (RFPs), and Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Training: Mentored hundreds of aspiring and experienced technical writers; conducted workshops on writing skills for writers and non-writers at a number of organizations
  • Contributions at Symphony Teleca, Four-C, Aztecsoft, and Intel in different capacities
  • An alumni of IIM Bangalore, Apex Institute, and Bangalore University


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