“‘Nothing’ is very important to me For it is from there I have started my journey.” — J M Sampath

Case Study

VVI : A tool to measure the extent of vision and value alignment

Aligning vision and values to build ethical leadership and build healthy business culture has become important like never before. The paper outlines the development of an Instrument that can measure the extent of vision value alignment, identify their existing leadership style among the four styles described and a module to move towards High Vision and High Values Individual and Organization. The usages of the tool are in Leadership coaching, recruitment, training & development, organizational diagnosis.

Values Clarification – A Process for Developing Organisational Culture

The Zeitgeist of our times being change, the success of organization cultures lies in their ability to move with the spirit or set the trend for it. Studies on organizational culture have been on processes that can enable organizations to manage change more sensitively and successfully. This study presents values clarification process as a systematic intervention strategy in the development of organizational culture and evolves a model of organizational change using the same.

Clarity on vision and values – The first step in the journey of organisational excellence

Excellence is the ability to enable right things to happen at the right time at the right place and at the right level. Many a time this becomes difficult because of a variety of reasons. It also becomes difficult because of lack of clarity on the vision, values and the context. In business context, for any organization or individual to be excelling in whatever they do they need to work on finding meaningful response to at least the following four questions: Where one wants to go?, How one wants to go ?, Why one wants to go to where one wants to go ?, What one wants to do ?

Developing new generation busines leaders - An Asian Experience

What is new about leadership development? Since Plato’s time leadership has been much spoken about, but the question “Do we have enough leadership?” has not had an answer at any point of time, implying that as the world changed the perspective on leadership also needed to change. Leadership is a continuous journey of evolution, and not a destination.

Value Clarification - an effective process to facilitate organizational change and build a condusive culture for growth

Culture is the very essence of an organisational life; to bring about change in the culture we need to touch the very core of the being. The very survival of an organization depends on the way the people in the organisation respond to change. While layers and layers of conditioning has rigidified each one of us, any attempt to bring about a change without touching the very core of the individual would hardly make any difference.

Changing dimensions of organisational climate in organisations employing knowledge workers - an Indian Context

In today’s organizational context Knowledge Workers form the significant portion of employees in knowledge based organizations. Their paradigm is found to be different from the traditional Industrial labor. While the organizational climate dimensions that were considered motivating earlier have moved on to being basic expectations, the organizations are challenged to take a deeper look into the kind of Organizational Climate that is required to nurture these knowledge workers.

Aligning Vision & Values to build ethical leadership & business culture

We live in interesting, and damning, times. Despite the efforts of companies to build ethical cultures, the actions of a few who have traded integrity for profits have cast a shadow on all. Never has it been more important for businesses to ‘talk and walk the talk’ of what they stand for. Designing and understanding corporate cultures has been an uphill task for leadership and workers alike.

Building high-vision high-value leadership & business culture

Historically research has focused on understanding and evaluating organizational culture, and not so much on designing processes that enable organizations to develop and manage their culture. In the face of continuing corporate breakdowns, it is crucial to address the critical importance of creating ethically viable corporate cultures. It is also imperative for corporate leadership to make an assessment of their organizations’ growth and eliminate the risk of corporate scandals.

A study of belongingness among knowledge workers - Developemnt Implications

The Changing face of human capital in the era of Consciousness – Development path forward for HR

The evolution process of the management thought has moved and brought the organizations into era of consciousness. The knowledge worker of the knowledge era has also journeyed into a paradigm which is new and challenging. There are clear evidences that indicate the ushering in of the era of consciousness in the concepts that are researched. The people potential of the organization is now termed as the ‘Human Capital’. This paper examines the critical features that the era of consciousness brings to the organizations…

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