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Building high-vision high-value leadership & business culture

Historically research has focused on understanding and evaluating organizational culture, and not so much on designing processes that enable organizations to develop and manage their culture. In the face of continuing corporate breakdowns, it is crucial to address the critical importance of creating ethically viable corporate cultures. It is also imperative for corporate leadership to make an assessment of their organizations’ growth and eliminate the risk of corporate scandals.

A study of belongingness among knowledge workers - Developemnt Implications

Human Resource is one of the most important and dynamic capital in the growth of the organization. In the era of information and knowledge, the two most serious issues that plague industry are Retention and Development of human resource. The motivational theories of yesteryears propounded by Maslow and Vroom have proved to be of limited help in understanding and dealing with knowledge workers of the knowledge era. Standing on the threshold of the knowledge era and moving towards the era of consciousness we can sense a sea change in the expectations of the people working in the organization.

The Changing face of human capital in the era of Consciousness – Development path forward for HR

The evolution process of the management thought has moved and brought the organizations into era of consciousness. The knowledge worker of the knowledge era has also journeyed into a paradigm which is new and challenging. There are clear evidences that indicate the ushering in of the era of consciousness in the concepts that are researched. The people potential of the organization is now termed as the ‘Human Capital’. This paper examines the critical features that the era of consciousness brings to the organizations…

Leadership Development Through Transforming Beliefs - A Malaysian case Study

For change to be lasting and transformational it has to be from within. As long as the focus is on ‘effect’, the issues continue to remain. When the focus turns towards causes, the issues may vanish. Time is then not a factor. Not only is working at the ‘cause’ level an established fact in all sciences, it is true of social sciences too. The paper presented here is based on a study conducted on 30 Top management Leaders of a leading organization in Malaysia. Using a process of ‘Values clarification’ as intervention, the Leaders were taken through phased workshops that enabled them to identify and effect a change at the causal level i.e., at their beliefs level.

Effect of value clarification on orientation towards Vision and Values

Social work researchers have eluded experimental studies in general and true experiments in particular due to its complexity. True Experimental Designs have maximum control and hence highest degree of internal validity. The essential components of an experimental research design involve (a) random assignments of subjects to experimental and control groups, (b) introducing the stimulus (independent variable) to the experimental group while withholding it from the control group, and (c) comparing the amount of change in dependent variable in experimental and control groups.

Value clarification in teaching business ethics – An experimental study

Recent corporate scandals have highlighted the need to rethink the methodology used to teach business ethics in an MBA programme. An effective methodology should enable a deeper look at vision/ values and usher meaningful change through realizations. This paper elaborates on an experimental study of the impact of value-clarification as a process to enhance ethical orientation amongst students of management.

Developing new generation business leaders – A leadership development initiative in one of the largest company in Srilanka

Leadership development initiatives have to be integrated into everyday business with clear ROI. This paper proposes leadership development based on a process of learning through understanding, doing and integrating. This programme was titled BLUE – Business Leadership Unleashing Excellence. The intervention builds fundamental leadership orientation by aligning Vision-Values; creating a learning culture thus allowing managers to become potential business leaders. This ‘inside-out’ approach has been tested on 139 senior managers in Southeast Asia with significant results.

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