“‘Nothing’ is very important to me For it is from there I have started my journey.” — J M Sampath

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The Take-off for Human Values Malaysian Airlines Systems (MAS)

The paper is an illustration of the case study of trying to create awareness of Human Values at MAS, as part of its work culture. A brief background of why MAS undertook a Values journey is given along with the approach and the process used, based on “The Values Clarification Process” (VCP). The development of other internal processes customized to design “In-house” modules through the Values Awareness Program (VAP) and the Values Inculcation Program (VIP), are also outlined. The paper combines two perspectives in this case study, one of who was an internal consultant with MAS and the other of an external consultant to parts of the process.

Work Ethics for Competitive Performance

The subject of 'Work Ethics for Competitive Performance' comes at a time when the business world is beginning to realize that business cannot be done in any way, but has to be done in a certain way, if it has to sustain and grow over a period of time. There is a collective ethical consciousness, which is beginning to make a choice between the right and wrong. 76% of consumers in 1997 said they would switch over to brands associated with a good cause if price and quality were equal. This was up from 66% in 1993…

Building an RBM Culture

Results Based Management, or RBM, is the frequently focused concept today in most NGOs. It is popularly understood and recognized as a comprehensive life-cycle approach to management that integrates business strategy, people, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, and drive change. While focus on individuals and issues has been the overriding reality of the past, the results based management approach has become imperative to the present.

Exploring Vision and value Alignment to enhance leadership effectiveness

The field of leadership development has been moving in a direction over the past several years that point to a new perspective – a perspective that defines leadership more and more as an insight-driven state of awareness. This state of awareness and being is grounded in knowing the essence of who you are, what you aspire to be in your life, and aligning actions that are consistent with that aspiration. While technical skills and abilities remain an important element of the leadership equation, self-insight is increasingly becoming the mantra for helping executives to discover lasting insights that lead to more effective behaviors and more meaningful lives.

Factors influencing organisational feeling of belonginess in the knowledge era

In a rapidly changing Industrial management scenario, the profile of the employee has moved towards that of a 'knowledge worker', chiefly characterized by his/her use of knowledge as tool of production. In this context, the concept of Belongingness must be move beyond that of a mere affiliative need to a tacit feeling element of the individual, which is manifested in his/her behaviour. This study attempts to derive the meaning of Belongingness in the current industrial organizations, the factors, which influence or bring forth the feeling of Belongingness and the supporting environmental factors from the employee perspective.

The Birth of a New generation

Over the years as consultants we have been helping organizations to understand their culture. We also got to work with quite a few software companies in enabling them to understand their culture. During our interactions with the software engineers, we soon realized that they were different from the engineers working in other industries. Hence, we decided to probe them and understand their likes, dislikes, attitudes etc. What emerged as result of this effort was - the profile of a software professional.

Learning the art of being truly selfish

Over the years having worked with variety of groups and people, it is increasingly becoming evident that many of us fail to understand how to work in our own interest in the real sense. I have tried understanding what prevents us from being able to act in our own interest. One of the main reason for not being able to work in our interest is our in-ability to make the distinction between some of the critical factors of life…

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