“The question is never “Can I or can I not.” The question is always“ Do I want it or not.”” — J M Sampath


Domain of Work

Arpitha is present in its services in:

  • Business Organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Groups of individuals
  • Individual assessments and development

Executive Coaching

Leadership effectiveness is heavily dependent on the skills, attributes, experiences and job demands of the individual. The executive coaching model is built around the understanding that clarity of one's vision and values as a starting point for both improving performance and helping executives to lead more meaningful lives as a leader and an individual.

Vision value Alignment

Every Individual, team or organization is born with a purpose and a process. The challenges of growth and the constantly changing world often tend to distract one from the real purpose and process. The fundamental need today is to realign the two, to enable the individual, teams and organizations to optimize the resolve to achieve their vision (which is the purpose), without having to compromise on their values (which is the process).

Values Clarification – a process for deep change

This unique workshop addresses essential elements of “Building Organization Culture". In the process of building Organizational Culture, Value Clarification facilitates a change arising out of realization that one’s own cherished values rarely ever match the values one lives through. Until we help the individual to recognize and bridge this gulf within, it would be difficult to expect one to match his/her values with the values of the organization.

Learning for Nurturing Excellence

In an era filled with unlimited information and knowledge, it becomes very important for an individual to be able to assimilate the information and be able to integrate the same for meaningful purposes. Unfortunately, learning seems to be misunderstood with accumulation of knowledge rather than understanding of knowledge. In today's dynamic world, it becomes very essential to foster the ability to understand and integrate the learning's into one's day-to-day life.

Business Leadership Unleashing Excellence (BLUE)

For achieving business excellence in an era of dynamism, competitiveness and rapid change, those in leadership roles need to understand, “The challenges of the changing scenario and the skills needed to emerge as a leader”. The Business Leadership Unleashing Excellence (BLUE) program aims at developing “High-vision High –Value” leadership, which will constantly be on the path of learning and nurturing excellence at the organization.

Change Management

Change is a continuous process. There are no options available whether to ‘change’ or ‘not change’. Options are only in terms of the choices one can make with regard to the response to change. ‘Change ‘ is undergoing change is in terms of ‘Speed of change’. The speed is continually enhanced. High performing organizations are constantly innovating to respond to change. A pioneer or Leader is one who can change ‘Faster than Change’.

Performance Management and Coaching

People are an intrinsic part of every organization. Today’s organizations are faced with the challenge to identify and develop channels to draw and develop the potential of their workforce. Performance Management is about executing the organizational strategy and not merely Performance Appraisal. Teamed with Performance Coaching it is an ongoing process and believes in a win-win situation.

Outbound Program on Stretching Beyond

Outward-bound activity is used to primarily let the participants experience some of their own abilities, unleash their potential and build a deeper level of faith in themselves. This workshop provides a wide range of opportunities to the participants where each of them experience achieving a task thought to be not possible in a span of one day.

Leadership Capacity Building

In every organization the leadership must be able to enable right things to happen at the right place, at the right time and in the right context, in order to ensure continuous sustainable growth. One of the critical factors is the lack of clarity on the vision and values that should govern the organization and fuel its journey towards its ultimate stated purpose. The vision and values of an organization need to be defined well and, more importantly, aligned. For, an imbalance in them will have serious implications.

Retention and Belongingness Survey

Attrition has been the largest looming issue in most companies across the world. While for the employee mobility at a global level is providing wider range of opportunities for them, from the organization point of view it is proving to be a nightmare. The feeling of belongingness is a state of being in which one experiences value for oneself, being cared for with a space to express the same and continually evolve fulfilling the purpose of existence and beyond.

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