“At the root of every conflict Is a commitment not honored somewhere.” — J M Sampath

Outbound Program on Stretching Beyond


Outward-bound activity is used to primarily let the participants experience some of their own abilities, unleash their potential and build a deeper level of faith in themselves. This workshop provides a wide range of opportunities to the participants where each of them experience achieving a task thought to be not possible in a span of one day. The need to believe in oneself and the need to collaborate with others are the focused learning. Every activity is processed giving the participants ample space for experiential learning. Opportunity to review the development plan is also included.


  • To build ones inner strength to achieve his/her organizational & life goals
  • Gain insights into ones capabilities
  • To gain deeper insights into one’s own life purpose
  • To build an experience of deeper level of trust


  • Semi structured processes
  • Deep reflections and introspection exercises
  • Simulation group experiences
  • Sharing of individual and group experiences
  • Get the participants to go through seemingly impossible physical exercises and experience the sense of achievement


  • Build inner strength and confidence in oneself
  • Develop the ability to risk
  • Understand the power of collaboration
  • Decision making in critical circumstances
  • Power to trust and build the team spirit
  • Experience one's potential capabilities

The Competencies this workshop aims to build in the Participants:

Action oriented: The ability to pursue work with energy, drive, and a strong accomplishment orientation.

Creativity: The ability to develop original ideas, approaches, and solutions to typical, unusual, or difficult situations or problems.

Context sensitivity: The ability to understand the various dimensions of a given context in order to make wiser decisions.

Composure: The ability to maintain a constructive and composed focus in facing and overcoming tough situations.

Dealing with ambiguity: The ability to work effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information, and respond flexibly to change.

Decision-making: The ability to make timely, practical, and effective decisions, and facilitate others in doing so.

Problem solving: The ability to gather and analyze information and use it to develop effective solutions to difficult problems or situations. The ability to work on alternatives effectively.

Building team spirit: The ability to develop and maintain productive, effective, high morale, and high performance teams.

Planning, organizing, and coordinating: The ability to efficiently develop and implement plans to accomplish goals.

Time sense: The ability to understand the timeliness and planning required while executing a task.

Duration of the intervention: Two days of workshop into the wilderness

Participant profile:

All members of the organization

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