“If I am not valuable to me, to whom else will I be valuable?” — J M Sampath

Values Clarification – a process for deep change

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This unique workshop addresses essential elements of “Building Organization Culture". In the process of building Organizational Culture, Value Clarification facilitates a change arising out of realization that one’s own cherished values rarely ever match the values one lives through. Until we help the individual to recognize and bridge this gulf within, it would be difficult to expect one to match his/her values with the values of the organization. While layers and layers of conditioning have fossilized each one of us, any attempt to bring about a change without touching the very core of the individual would only be at a surface level. If by using the organizational authority one forces the organization values on the individual, he/she only follows it as a rule to protect oneself than internalize the same. Under such circumstances, the commitment of the individual towards the organizational values would be very low and affect the performance of the organization. Thus, it becomes very essential to touch the very core of the individual to bring in a long lasting change.


  • To understand the meaning of values and gain clarity on why one behaves the way one does.
  • To understand the gap that exists at Individual, Group and Organizational level and learn how to bridge this gap at a deeper level.
  • To understand the cause and effect relationship in value formation and learning how to work with cause than with effect to bring about a deep change.
  • To understand one’s own orientation towards:
  • Freedom (Achievement orientation)
  • Relationship (Sociability orientation)
  • Power and Influence (Leadership orientation)
  • Learning (Learning orientation)
  • Honesty (Integrity orientation)
  • To gain deeper clarity on one’s own style of functioning and its implication in the organizational and personal life context
  • To learn the source of conflicts and be able to deal with it at the cause level for bringing about a lasting change
  • To understand difference between ‘being in control of oneself’ than ‘being controlled’To understand the power of trust and the ability to risk and accept challenges


The methodology adopted is primarily semi-structured wherein enough of scope is provided for human processes to emerge. The small group activities are designed to enable an individual to look into his/her own inner-self and realize the need for change. Powerful tools like the Vision-Value Instrument, Value Profile Instrument and Discovery would be used as a part of the process.


  • Better understanding of oneself resulting in better integration
  • Higher level of openness and objectivity while exploring issues
  • Enhanced level of accountability and ownership
  • Reduced transactional cost resulting in optimization of organizational resources
  • Ways to bridge the gap within and thus bring synergy in one's effort increased credibility resulting in building a trusting culture
  • Aligning self and organization vision helping build organizational synergy
  • Being proactive with an understanding of the contextual changes than being reactive
  • Clarity on being a ‘High-vision and High-value’ Individual and organization
  • Clarity on why one does, what one does and the way one does things
  • Better understanding on what it takes to live up to one's potential
  • Learning to deal with conflicts

The Competencies this workshop aims to build in the Participants:

Action oriented: The ability to pursue work with energy, drive, and a strong accomplishment orientation.

Customer focus: The ability to investigate and take action to meet customers’ current and future needs.

Strategic leadership: The ability to create a shared purpose, vision, or direction for his/her group or organization, and inspires others to work toward it.

Organizational agility: The ability to understand how to get things done and achieve objectives working with others in an organizational context. A deeper understanding of formulating and pursuing one’s/ organizational vision without loosing sight of the values.

Integrity and trustworthiness: The ability to appreciate the need to stand by the chosen values and behave according to high ethical business principles and values.

Context sensitivity: The ability to understand the various dimensions of a given context in order to make wiser decisions

Self-development: The ability to actively seek to understand his/her own strengths and weaknesses, and work on continuous improvement

Conviction and courage: The ability to show a strong sense of certainty and stands firm when appropriate.

Self-confidence: The ability to be sure of oneself and an expectation to succeed in future activities.

Time sense: The ability to understand the timeliness and planning required while executing a task.

Duration of the Workshop: Three days

Participant profile:

  • CEO’s
  • Functional Head/ Sector Heads
  • Senior Management
  • Supervisors
  • Human resource professionals heading the function.

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