“I cannot lose my power so much that powerless things start overpowering me.” — J M Sampath


About Us

"To Make The World A Better Place To Live, Work & Excel".

Arpitha's main objective is to facilitate individual and organizational development through the use of highly refined human processes such as Value Clarification and Learning to learn for Nurturing Excellence. The team's own journey to understand itself individually and collectively becomes its source of innovation. This helps Arpitha build and morph quality and proven people development processes into creative business strategies, driving the most successful organizations of today.

Values Clarification – a process for deep change

This unique workshop addresses essential elements of “Building Organization Culture". In the process of building Organizational Culture, Value Clarification facilitates a change arising out of realization that one’s own cherished values rarely ever match the values one lives through. Until we help the individual to recognize and bridge this gulf within, it would be difficult to expect one to match his/her values with the values of the organization.

Clarity on vision and values – The first step in the journey of organisational excellence

Excellence is the ability to enable right things to happen at the right time at the right place and at the right level. Many a time this becomes difficult because of a variety of reasons. It also becomes difficult because of lack of clarity on the vision, values and the context. In business context, for any organization or individual to be excelling in whatever they do they need to work on finding meaningful response to at least the following four questions: Where one wants to go?, How one wants to go ?, Why one wants to go to where one wants to go ?, What one wants to do ?

Aligning Vision & Values to build ethical leadership & business culture

We live in interesting, and damning, times. Despite the efforts of companies to build ethical cultures, the actions of a few who have traded integrity for profits have cast a shadow on all. Never has it been more important for businesses to ‘talk and walk the talk’ of what they stand for. Designing and understanding corporate cultures has been an uphill task for leadership and workers alike.

Effect of value clarification on orientation towards Vision and Values

Social work researchers have eluded experimental studies in general and true experiments in particular due to its complexity. True Experimental Designs have maximum control and hence highest degree of internal validity. The essential components of an experimental research design involve (a) random assignments of subjects to experimental and control groups, (b) introducing the stimulus (independent variable) to the experimental group while withholding it from the control group, and (c) comparing the amount of change in dependent variable in experimental and control groups.

Values We Stand For

The values that guide Arpitha in its journey are:



     Walk the talk

     Saying what we do and doing what we say

     Honoring Commitment

     Transparent, Honesty and fair in all transactions and communications.

     Clarification and Reflection

2. Living What we preach and teach

     Practicing what we teach and preach. Integrating what we preach with in the organization.

     Internal Processes 

     Togetherness in execution    

3. Self Governance

     Accountability is strong

     Work for the collective cause and vision with highest commitment

     Mutual Respect, love and caring, performance driven, Empowering

4. Growing

     Evolving people, Learning, and Development

     Enable individuals and org

     Progressive and at the edge


5. Innovation


     Resource management

     Speed of delivery, Agility


6. Farsightedness

     Risk and challenge

     Ability to look beyond and long


     Contributing and creating in the space of knowledge- thought school

     Credibility index

     East impact on the world

7. Collaborate

     Customer delight and partnership

     Within and outside- multiple dimensions.    

     Reach and explore


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