“‘Nothing’ is very important to me For it is from there I have started my journey.” — J M Sampath

J. M. Sampath

J. M. Sampath

Dr. J M Sampath, Ph.D
Managing Director,
Arpitha Associates Pvt Ltd

Sampath is the Managing Director of Arpitha Associates Pvt Ltd., A Center for Excellence with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, USA and India. Arpitha Associates is today, acknowledged by a top line roster of Fortune 500 clients for its understanding and professionalism in developing the abilities of employees to increase productivity and the value of individual contributions to the organization.

Sampath is a quintessential learner. His years of personal research and observation have evolved into models of individual development and organizational development. Working with individuals with a fundamental process-oriented approach, Sampath's life and mission parallel facilitation of the movement towards wisdom in the quest for excellence, in all spheres of human activity.

The conceptual understandings of 'Values Clarification for Change' and 'Learning for Nurturing Excellence' are the cornerstones of Sampath's work. He believes that clarity about one's values will help understand one's behavior and make 'change processes' more effective.

Through research and experience in specialized fields of Learning and Values Clarification, a number of tools and processes have been designed and developed to facilitate better understanding of these. Having been successfully used to help over 25,000 individuals understand themselves in the last two decades, they offer an exhaustive and comprehensive understanding of the personal profile and psychology of people and their work situations.

Formal Education

  • Masters in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work, India.
  • Training and Development (Indian Society for Training and Development, Ahmedabad).
  • Doctoral work is in the area of "Building Organizational Culture Through a Process of Value Clarification".
  • A licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programme
  • Over 700 hours of Human Process labs training at Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Indian Society of Individual and Social development (T-Group and Encounter group).

Core Skills in Consulting

  • Developing Organizational Culture for Nurturing Excellence
  • Leadership Development and Coaching.
  • Design and Development of innovative programme in the area of Corporate Governance and Leadership.
  • Values Clarification Processes - work experience spans nearly two decades of process work on Values Clarification for various organizations within and outside the country.

Key Positions Held

  • Fellow of ASHOKA – Innovators of the Public for his work on Values.
  • Board of Directors in Binary Essentials, an IT consulting company in Bangalore.
  • One of the founder promoter of former Kshema Technologies acquired by Mphasis India.
  • Director of Insight Publishers, a publishing company with a clear vision to enhance the level of consciousness in the larger system.
  • Chairman of Punarnava, a company dedicated to creating the well being of the global community using authentic ‘Ayurveda’ in the most cost effective way.
  • On the Advisory Board of Ambir Technology Group, Canada
  • On the Board of Digant Technologies, Bangalore
  • Key positions in the National HRD Network and in the Confederation of Indian Industries
  • Guest Faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and at the Symbiosis Institute for Management & Human Resource Development, Pune, India

Key Publications and Papers Presented

  • Discovery - The book and unique tool called 'Discovery' which has been hailed as 'the teaching revolution'. Discovery aims at introducing basic human values to a person and at initiating a process of self-inquiry, which takes care of the need to learn to learn.
  • Inner Realities - It is a book filled with profound wisdom about personal growth and values. An interesting collection of personal notes, quotes and poems, drawn from the author's personal observations and experiences of life in its various manifestations.
  • Vision - Value Instrument
  • Value Profile Instrument
  • Regular speaker at TMT (Trainers meet Trainers, Malaysia)
  • Conference papers presented at AHRD, KAHRD, NHRD, IFTDO, TLC, AOM, NIPM, etc.
  • Vocational Excellence Award 2005 from Rotary Club, Bangalore

Key Client Profile

  • Ford Motor Company, Detroit
  • Asian Development Bank, Philippines
  • Lear Corporation, Detroit
  • Mascot, California
  • Star Pipe, Houston Ministry of Law, Singapore
  • UEM, Malaysia
  • Malaysian Airline Services, Kuala Lumpur
  • Securities Commission, Malaysia
  • Bank Negara, Malaysia
  • Tanaga National, Bhd., Malaysia
  • Petrosains, Malaysia
  • Indonesia Power, Indonesia
  • Mashreq Bank, Dubai
  • Gulf Bioanalytical, Dubai
  • SRF International, Dubai
  • Oman Trading Establishing, Muscat
  • Lanka Equities, Sri Lanka
  • John Keells Holdings, Sri Lanka
  • Amtrex Hitachi, Ahmedabad
  • Dupont Fibers Ltd, Chennai
  • Honeywell, Bangalore
  • Onward Technologies, Mumbai
  • Siemens Communications Software, Bangalore 
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